Trough Belt Conveyor

At Omtech Food Engineering, you can select from a wide variety of trough belt conveyors. A trough belt conveyor is an automatic system including a combination of a long belt, pulleys, and a motor to run the system. A pulley is similar to a wheel structure with a beam inserted in the centre and the beam is regulated by the DC motor. The friction between the exterior of the beam and the belt causes the action of the belt when the beam starts revolving. All the beams should run in the same direction to initiate the movement of the belt.

Trough belt conveyor manufacturers

These trough belt conveyors are mainly set up in manufacturing plants, groceries, construction sites, transportation sites, warehouses, and airports for transporting baggage. The main purpose of these belts is the efficient transmission of objects along the line from one place to another. It also increases the overall work efficiency of the workers as this system brings materials automatically rather than him having to carry them physically. These trough conveyors are intended to keep loose or bulk objects in the middle of the conveyor.  Our provided systems are exceptionally user-friendly, very much durable, power efficient, and require the least maintenance. The belt is made of an unbreakable polymer with very high tensile power that is anti-corrosion and resistant to fire.

Trough belt conveyor
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