Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Telescopic Belt Conveyors are generally employed for loading and unloading materials from trucks in logistics, or distribution centers, postal express, E-commerce, electrical appliances industries, food manufacturing, and warehouses. These belt conveyors progress labor yield and also decrease the laborers required to load or unload as it is an automated system, which saves time, and they are easy to use and set up. The corners are rounded to avoid staining if conflicted and all the sharp edges are covered to provide safety to the workers. We offer the best telescopic belt conveyor used for various industrial requirements.

Telescopic Belt Conveyor Manufacturer

These systems can be functioned in forward or backward tracks depending on your loading or unloading wants. All the moving parts and chains of the system are covered or safeguarded and all belt conveyors are built-in with exclusive shields designed to completely protect workers from moving parts. Pop-out rollers prevent the item from being cut down between the belts and also keep workers safe for further precautions if there is an emergency stop. Additionally, a lifting device is also added for controlling the height of the conveyor system. Moreover, for loading and unloading material, an extendable telescopic belt conveyor makes a huge difference as it makes the entire procedure of getting products in and out easier, faster, and most importantly safer process.

Telescopic Belt Conveyor
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