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Omtech Food Engineering is a leading manufacturer of
Food Conveying Belts in India.

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Conveyor Belts for Tyre Industry | Conveyor Belt For Tyre And Rubber Industries,Conveyor Belts For Pharmaceuticals Industry
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Conveyor Belts for Tyre Industry

We manufacture conveyor belts that are immensely preferred in the tyre industries across the world. Our products are exclusively designed to bear heavy loads as well as working conditions at high temperatures. The top surface of the conveyor belts is given rough texture, for trouble-free transportation over an inclined surface. Our conveyor belts for tyre industry have right coefficient of friction to suit smooth conveyance of products while preventing them from slipping. We are the leading manufacturers of Conveyor Belt for Tyre and Rubber Industries.

Conveyor Belt For Tyre And Rubber Industries
Salient features :-
  • High resistance to wear & tear as well as abrasion
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Durable life
  • Non-stretchy
  • Reliable
  • Cost effective
  • Heavy load bearing capacity
Applications :-
  • Tyre industries
  • Automotive industries
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